Great Game East

Jul 1, 2014Portrait shoot

Great Game East* is a series of tiny theatrical encounters with a mirror and “chinki-chinky” bodies in Bangalore.

A project by FewerEmergencies.

*Great Game East is the title of a Bertil Lintner’s book that looks at how the northeastern states of India – strategically located at the crossroads of the Indian subcontinent, China and Southeast Asia – and the continuing armed strife in that sector hold the key to understanding the true complexity of the hostilities and political ambitions that Asia’s two giants harbour.

Bangalore Underground Festival 2015

Bangalore Underground Festival 2015

I’d setup a portrait mini-studio in one of the subways during the Bangalore Underground Festival 2015. Complete strangers came in and had a ball posing for the camera! All masterminded by the good folks at Bangalore Underground and Bangalore Rising!

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