The bridge of sorrow

Apr 14, 2015 | Portrait shoot

On our travels in the North-East of India, we chanced upon this Manipuri band which plays at weddings. This was their day of mourning because their old teacher had just died. They were waiting at this bridge to welcome the body being brought to the teacher’s hometown by ambulance. As a mark of respect they are not wearing any colourful epaulets or sashes. They graciously consented to pose for us.

We also learnt that this bridge is quite famous and a lot of Manipuri movies have been shot here!

Bangalore Underground Festival 2015

I’d setup a portrait mini-studio in one of the subways during the Bangalore Underground Festival 2015. Complete strangers came in and had a ball posing for the camera! All masterminded by the good folks at Bangalore Underground and Bangalore Rising!

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