Purpose: Corporate website for a small Swiss company, Rippleeffect GmbH, offering specialized consulting and training services to organizations. Showcasing multiple company verticals, offerings and training products.

Assignment: Complete transformation of the existing website: redesign, modification of content and addition of new content

Status: Hosted and maintained by us.

Features delivered

  • Dual language website (English / German)
  • Full custom design of 20+ pages and 1 blog
  • 3 microsites, 30+ pages, products and articles, each in both languages
  • Fully responsive, with custom elements for different screen sizes
  • Graphic design
  • Image and iconography selection, modification and supply

Managed services delivered

  • Secure business-class hosting, with email and calendar for multiple accounts
  • Migration of existing website, mail & calendar to new services with minimal downtime
  • Continuous site updates & multi-channel support

Earlier website

We offer a complete solution from story-board to roll-out, and post roll-out support and maintenance

Any piece that doesn’t work perfectly creates friction for the end user. Its a herculean task and we have fun making it all just pop 🙂